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Community Hub: You'll Easily Find the Amazing Help You Need at the Library Today

There aren't many places you can go that will let you in without the expectation of buying something. If you are one of the 37.9 million people in poverty, this can make it difficult to seek help. Thankfully, there is still the library. A place where knowledge is free for the taking.

Libraires are a respite for those who need help. They are free and available in almost every community. If you need help finding employment, there are resources available at the library. You can find ways to better your skills and reach your goals. Technology is also often available at libraries. There are computers accessible for public use. They give you access to software and tools you may not otherwise have the ability to use. The possibilities are endless once you step through those doors.

Librarians are public servants that compile and curate information into manageable sections. They are there to provide help during your journey. Though, the information they find is not the only resource they provide. Librarians often offer services to those in need. If you need help applying for a job or need practice for an interview, it is always good to start by asking a librarian. Even if they do not provide the service themselves, they can connect you with the right people.

In addition to job help, libraries are also where many local events are held or advertised. If you are in search of food or rent assistance, try checking out the postings board. You might be able to find a resource you never knew was there.

Wilmington, Delaware’s library has a lot of resources available. Here is their library guide on job help. They also have compiled resources for food and housing assistance.


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