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Georgetown Food Giveaway

The Samaritan Place of Restoration partners with the Food Bank of Delaware to feed around 100 families each month. In Georgetown, DE, we seek to meet the need of food insecurity, and we believe this event is a step in that direction.

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About Us

Samaritan Place of Restoration promotes the teachings of Matthew 25:35-36.

We exist to:

  • Feed the hungry

  • Shelter the homeless

  • Clothe the needy

  • Exhibit human kindness in times of sickness and despair​

Grounded in serving others, the organization’s mission is to satisfy these basic human needs through a coordination of emergency and wrap-around supports in the community.

To restore stability and hope in the lives of the people we serve.

Help Make Change

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

“Everyone who is successful, regardless of age, race, or ethnicity, at some point in their lives received an opportunity. Someone believed in them enough to give them a chance.”

Rodney Carroll , Founder and Chief Steward

Upcoming Events

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