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Volunteers at food giveaway event

Who We Are

 The Samaritan Place of Restoration is a not for profit organization established to serve disenfranchised individuals and families with chronic socio-economic challenges. Our vision is to restore stability in the lives of the individuals and families we serve. Grounded in Matthew 25:35-36, Samaritan Place of Restoration is a resource for basic human needs, intensive case management and coordination of wraparound supports in the community. Samaritan Place of Restoration implements a service delivery strategy that is multi-generational in its approach to moving individuals and families toward achieving self-sufficiency. 

Samaritan Place of Restoration seeks partnerships with local community-based organizations so that support provided to clients is seamless, accessible, and addresses the unique needs of the individuals and families within the communities they live.

Our Objectives Are To...

Our work is not done until poverty ceases to exist. One person at a time, we can and must uplift the unacceptable condition of our nation.

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